Intuitive Life Coaching Session (60 Minutes)

Relax and allow your higher self to connect with your everyday goals. Discover your life’s purpose, navigate challenging times, get your career or entrepreneurial vision activated and recognize the synchronicities everywhere that are contributing to your personal growth.

Intuitive session often “remind” you of what you already “know” to be true. Frequently they can help you make an important choice by showing you the options. Clarity and peace of mind are common outcomes from a private intuitive session.

Send an email if you’d like to learn more and reserve a time for a private session.

Higher Self Spiritual Growth Sessions (8 Sessions)

Connect to your intuitive self and recognize the voice of your intuition. Become more attuned to events in your life and learn how to receive messages for yourself and others. Activate your chakra system to radiate more positive energy and to attract events and individuals who will help you expand your life path. Anchor in clarity and specific requests with the Universe and watch them “magically” appear without much effort on your behalf. Intuitive life coaching is an important tool in personal development, it allows you to see aspects of yourself that may need healing or release, so you may have the freedom move ahead.

The first step is a complimentary 15-minute call.

Intuition Ignition: Build Your Spiritual Business

Do you dream of using your intuition to support others? Are your natural gifts and talents ready to be shared with the world? If you feel a strong connection to this idea, there are several important steps to take to let the Universe know you are open for business. This is a very unique form a soul guided business coaching designed to protect you and expand your reach as a physic and energy healer. It’s perfectly fine if you are a beginner, we all started here and you will expand and grow with every step towards deepening your commitment to living a spirit inspired life.

Let’s talk about your Intuitive Spark!

Meet Your Spiritual Guide, Kristen White

Kristen White is an award-winning business and life coach who specializes in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. Kristen’s intuitive abilities appeared in her late thirties when she started a daily practice of meditation and prayer. She believes everyone has intuitive skills and that these abilities are dormant until one is able to recognize the language of their soul.

In her classes, Kristen teaches individuals how to ignite their intuition and receive messages from the Divine. She also works with individuals privately and in small groups through her popular e-course,, and weekend workshops. Kristen hosts a radio/podcast on where she explores the many dimensions of spiritual insight and how to master them.

Kristen works with her husband, John Schwab. They are the Mystic in the Minivan and the Suburban Shaman. You can read their love story at They live in the Midwest with four children, three dogs, and two cats. However, they no longer drive a minivan.

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