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Power Prayers:
A Collection of Prayers and Meditations from Around the World

Expand the limits of your potential and get in touch with your own spirituality
Enjoy this 8-Part Video Series, 'Messages from the Mystic', that will help you learn the essential components of living an enlightened life. Check your email inbox regularly for links to access the videos.

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“You don’t have to go anywhere to take the journey of a lifetime
– the road to Joy lies within you.”

With the help of the ‘angels’ in her life, Jenna is guided into exploring her deeper purpose on an intimate, personal, and painful level … and, finally awakening to her own intuition, discovers an inner guiding light she had previously never known.

“A thoroughly entertaining and inspiring read for those of us who can’t simply ‘quit our jobs’ and run off to the great spiritual and mystic centers of the far-east, as a handful of ‘lucky ones’ have done.”

Like most of us, Jenna has to “find herself” while rooting around in the laundry room, backyard, and garage!

And in the process she discovers, as we all can:

  • What a truly spiritual life is … and more importantly what it isn’t
  • The meaning of true, loving, and lasting friendship
  • How easily we can invite – and receive – more joy into our lives
  • The little-known secret of how the simple act of gratitude can create greater abundance in your life
  • How we can immediately begin attracting our life’s true purpose … by no longer pushing it away!
  • The wonders we can achieve in Life, with a simple (though sometimes painful) shift in our beliefs and values
  • How to be “comfortable in your own skin” by accepting your true nature, and working with it, instead of always against it

…and the life-expanding power of simply being still … being silent ... and being in the Present.

So come on and pile into the minivan with Jenna as she hits the road on an uplifting and hilarious journey from materialism to enlightenment … an odyssey of self-discovery and “accidental spiritual growth” as she careens through Life in her search for an end to the daily doldrums.

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Meet Your Spiritual Guide, Kristen White

Kristen White is a Content Catalyst and Powerful Interviewer. She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust and unique brand elements to any message, book, product or campaign.  Through her award-winning interview skills, Kristen will excavate and synthesize a personal story and legacy into a magnetic brand and content strategy. Her strong intuitive insight, journalistic training and versatile wordsmithing, offer clients a wellspring of fingerprint language options to apply to all levels of their written, spoken and video communication.

Kristen is a bestselling author, award-winning documentary film director and cast member, television series creator/writer, and television on-camera journalist. As the CEO of White Media Agency, a digital media and marketing company, Kristen supports clients with unique personal brand development, speech writing and performance, book concepts, titles, outlines and marketing, and online business consulting.

Rock the Stage, INC, offers professional video production for authors, speakers and coaches with a variety of speaking topics.  The company also offers speechwriting, broadcast quality lifestyle video interviews and fast-track book publishing via an on camera- interview.

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