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Rave Reviews for Kristen White's Mystic In A Minivan...

“Get on board the hilarious road to enlightenment with ‘Mystic In A Minivan’, Kristen White’s brilliant ‘out of the doldrums of meaninglessness, into the joy of Spirit’ story. Yes, it really can happen … even in the Suburbs!”

- Sonya Choquette, NY Times Best-Selling Author of ‘The Answer Is Simple’

“Have you ever felt you’ve lost sight of your true self? Are you defined by what’s for dinner and what your kids expect from you? Then ‘Mystic In A Minivan’ is for YOU! Follow Jenna as she navigates suburban life and eventually finds herself in the process.”

- Denise Linn, Best-Selling Author of ‘Soul Coaching’

“…brilliantly written, richly spiritual in scope, and inspiringly uplifting for anyone who has ever felt that overwhelming need for change in their life.”

- Peggy McColl
  • Intuitive Reading - Uncover your hidden potential and release your blocks in a private intuitive session with the Mystic in a Minivan herself
  • Teleclasses - Join the Mystic in a Minivan on a weekly telephone class to ignite your intuition
  • Workshops - Work directly with the Mystic in a Minivan during intensive days on location
  • Retreats - Unlock the power of your intuition in these special events