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Bonus #1: Top 10 Ways To Ignite Your Intuition Immediately

Bonus #2: Messages from the Mystic Reader's Guide

Enjoy reading Mystic in a Minivan with your book club or discussion group! This simple guide will help spark an animated discussion about spirituality and practical exercises to raise your vibration. Take your next discussion group to a mystical place.

Bonus #3: Power Prayers
A Collection of Prayers and Meditations from Around the World

Bonus #4: Intuition Ignition Educational Video Series

Have you ever experienced an intuitive session? In these nine videos, Kristen answers many questions about psychic ability and intuitive sessions, specifically, what to expect during a session and guidance for developing your own abilities. Click below to view the nine part video series.

Want to work with the Mystic in the Minivan in person?

Join Kristen For a 4-Week Teleclass,
Intuition Ignition

In this class, you will learn:
• The language of the spirit world
• Different types of intuition and which one is the strongest for you
• How to raise your vibration to become a clear channel and hear Divine guidance
• Meet your spirit guides without fear
• Learn about past lives
• And connect to your angels

Class is limited to 100 people.

Schedule a Private Intuitive Session with the Mystic in the Minivan

Want to receive a personal message from your guides and departed loved ones through the Mystic in the Minivan? A very limited number of private intuitive sessions are available.


“Going to see Kristen and having her do a reading on me completely changed my point of view. From that point on my life has not been the same.”

- Heather Corcoran, Fashion Designer

“I was referred to Kristen by others who had already seen her. I had a curiosity about an issue or two in my life and wanted other input and perspective. After my visits, I felt clearer, more purposeful and have some new ideas and perspective. Kristen is warm, accessible, willing to respond to the flow of the session and she has a sense of humor, which always helps.”

- Judy

“I am forever grateful for Kristen’s guidance and encouragement!”

- Heather

Meet Your Spiritual Guide, Kristen White

Kristen White is an award-winning business and life coach who specializes in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. Kristen’s intuitive abilities appeared in her late thirties when she started a daily practice of meditation and prayer. She believes everyone has intuitive skills and that these abilities are dormant until one is able to recognize the language of their soul.

In her classes, Kristen teaches individuals how to ignite their intuition and receive messages from the Divine. She also works with individuals privately and in small groups through her popular e-course,, and weekend workshops. Kristen hosts a radio/podcast on where she explores the many dimensions of spiritual insight and how to master them.

Kristen works with her husband, John Schwab. They are the Mystic in the Minivan and the Suburban Shaman. You can read their love story at They live in the Midwest with four children, three dogs, and two cats. However, they no longer drive a minivan.

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